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A market-leading Business & Sales Development Company delivering comprehensive one-stop solutions to the construction industry.

Who Are we

Business & Sales Development Company

The success story of Prostruktion was started by a business developer with abundant experience in the construction industry in Europe, based on a pioneering passion for construction and the constant strive to enhance. Today Prostruktion is the leading sales & business development company in one of the world’s most interesting growth markets.

The service portfolio of Prostruktion covers every link in the project value chain and offers services on the highest international level. With a focus on technology and quality leadership, our strategy is the creation of lasting values.


Fully understand clients’ needs, provide client-focused construction business development services to efficiently and effectively achieve their ultimate goals and objectives.


We aim for the digitalization and globalization of construction industry. We want to contribute to the development of the construction industry, make it easier for contractors to work and enable workers to quickly find suitable employers.


Our culture

At Prostruktion, we know who we are, where our company is going, and what’s important. Prostruktion has a distinct order and discipline to our work, and this enables us to execute at a higher level. Because we have incentives to perform as both individuals and teams, we hold each other to a higher standard for our actions and results. Together, we work on successful projects because we build diverse, cohesive teams of committed people. Relationships based on trust and work built with purpose are what continue to set Prostruktion culture apart.

our team

Prostruktion is a company of shared responsibility and shared success.

The excellence of our work depends on our people and their ideas, energy, openness, and teamwork. Because of that, we are utterly committed to diversity, inclusion, and collaboration in all ventures.

Anis R.

Co-Owner & Chief Executive Officer

Una R.

Chief Operating Officer

Damir B.

Co-Owner & Senior Business Consultant

Adnan M.

Co-Owner & Business Consultant

Zlatan Đ.

Technology Specialist

Edin H.

Project Manager

Prostruktion higher value

Why ChoOSE Us


We have a highly
professional team

Prostruktion team has a burning desire to find greater meaning in all of our activities and are never satisfied with the status quo. Value creation and improving our clients' businesses and organizations, is our reason for existence.


We are

We fully Understand our clients’ needs, provide client-focused development services to efficiently and effectively achieve their ultimate goals and objectives.


We deliver
best results

We have a proven track record of diverse finished projects. Our team gives each project, no matter how big or how small, the same level of committed attention and manages them in an effective and consistent manner.

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