Accommodation Solution Service in the Construction Industry


A primary goal of this case study is to provide insight into the needs of our client and illustrate how we assisted them in locating housing for construction employees in close proximity to their construction sites in Germany.

Problem Identity

Our clients construction workers travel all around Germany to perform their jobs. They might move from site to site within a matter of a few weeks, or they may stay in the same location for a few months.


Our clients biggest challenge was the fact that the job site changes daily producing last minute chang- es that require a fast response to temporary hous- ing needs.

In addition, our client had a significant amount of stress and lost sleep over the difficulty of locating an appropriate place to stay on such short notice. Due to this, he often had to reserve expensive apartments that were much over his budget.


Prostruktion offers apartment booking services for both short and long term stays. We believe when providing construction workers a “home away from home” with an environment that offers comfort and a convenient location near the job site, crews will be more productive.

Our team does research, finds apartments near the construction site, books apartments, communicates with landlords, and takes care of other administrative tasks.

With our accommodation solution service, our client saves both time and money, since we are always looking for apartments in their price range.


client requests

Our client sends out about 21 apartment requests every month in all parts  of Germany for their workers.

found apartments

Out of a request for 21 apartments, 21 of them are found near the construction site and withing the budget.

hours of searching

On average, it takes our team 4 hours to find an apartment. The search is done within a day of getting the request.