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If you’re a general contractor looking to expand your network and efficiently find subcontractors for your projects, you’re in the right place. Explore how Prostruktion can simplify the process of connecting with subcontractors and getting your projects off the ground.

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Streamlined Subcontractor Discovery

Our platform simplifies the process of finding and connecting with subcontractors who match your project requirements.


Project Posting:

Easily post your projects, including project details, scope, budget, and requirements, to attract qualified subcontractors.


Access to a Network of Skilled Subcontractors

Connect with a diverse network of subcontractors with expertise in various construction trades.

How It Works:

1. Create Your Contractor Profile

Begin by creating a comprehensive profile for your company, including project history and specialties.

2. Post Your Projects

Share essential project details, such as scope, budget, and requirements. Our platform matches your project with subcontractors who have the necessary skills and experience.

Submit Your Application

Interested subcontractors will submit bids or proposals. Review their qualifications and choose the subcontractors that best fit your project's needs.

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Ready to connect with reliable subcontractors and simplify your project procurement process? Create your general contractor profile today, post your projects, and start collaborating with skilled professionals who can help you bring your construction projects to fruition.

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