Salix – Sales Development Campaign in the Construction Industry


Salix has been successfully operating since 1998. In the beginning, the company was engaged in the production of aluminum fittings, after a few years it started with the production of PVC/ALU windows and doors.

In the last twenty years, Salix has successfully completed hunderds of medium and large size projects.. Salix convinces with their versatile assortment, tested brand quality, competent advice and comprehensive service.

Although Salix’s initial focus was on Bosnia and Herzegovina, the company has showed interest in developing its presence in the German-speaking countries of Central Europe (DACH).

Executive Summary

In this case study, we want to shed light on the experience of one of our clients, Salix, in order to demonstrate how we generated new potential clients from the DACH region for the windows and doors market in the construction industry.

Problem Identity

Salix knew that the glazing and the wider construction industry is facing significant material and glass delays and a general problem with supply. This double glazing shortage isn’t just for aluminium, but PVCu, steel and timber windows.

Salix saw an opportunity to aid their construction industry peers while increasing their own bottom line, but the team didn’t know how to expand their network to the DACH region. The employees at Salix were confident that their products provide the best quality for the price than any of its competitors in the industry.

How Salix Chose us

Large portion of our clients is found through our sales development method, however in this case, our reputation preceded us. Salix’s Director, Salko Japalak, found us through a word-of-mouth recommendation.


Despite its years of experience and many finished projects, Salix had to earn trust of key decision-makers in a new target market. The Salix team had no experience in working with clients from the DACH region, nor did they know how to reach them. The company needed a solution that would deliver immediate, actionable results.


Challenge 1

Not enough knowledge on generating new leads for a new target market.


Challenge 2

Unfortunately, neither the social media channels nor the website were utilized to their maximum potential.


Challenge 3

The proposals were not modified to fit the require- ments of the new market.


Challenge 4

Due to the significant amount of time that was required to locate suitable projects, the team’s focus was drawn away from the primary business.

Action Plan


The first action we took is familiarizing ourselves with the products that are in Salix’s offer, their referrals and certifications.


Digital Marketing

Then, we created a content strategy for their social media channels and improved Salix’s website to attract more visitors.


Database Building

This was followed by creating a starter database of those potential clients, which is built upon daily.



The next step was writing and enrolling effective email sequences and performing cold calling based on the knowledge obtained of our client and their services.



In the pre-sales phase our team focused on qualifying leads, making discovery calls and preparing presentations. When an MQL was estimated as an SQL we set up a second meeting with our client to eventually close the deal.

Our target was booking 2 appointments per week with a decision maker from the targeted companies.


Before we started with our outreach campaing we optimized the website and the visual presence of Salix on social media channels, and prepared presentations and brochures which later on we sent to prospects.

 Ultimately, we developed an outreach strategy, which consisted primarly of sending cold, personalized emails followed by cold calling when needed. Social Media Channels were used to reflect the company culture of the company. We had daily communication with our client and gave useful advice for successful sales meetings.

Salko Japalak<br> <small style="font-size:0.5em; color:#757575; font-weight: 400;">Founder & CEO of Salix</small>

Salko Japalak
Founder & CEO of Salix

“Thanks to Prostruktion, I was able to connect with numerous prospects in my target market, which resulted in a flood of project proposals.”


The results we will present here cover the period from February 2022 to April 2022.

contacts found

Within this month we created a database populated with 6.500 contacts relevant to our clients’ niche.

emails sent

During our outreach, we sent 19.500 emails of which 9.165 were opened, 3.024 were replied.

booked meetings

This led to 39 booked appointments, which is 3 appointments per week. Our initial target of 2 appointments per week was toped.

Pipeline Value
0 mil

The revenue of our built pipeline is 2.5 million. All pipeline deals need to be closed to achieve this.

Next Phase

In addition to several leads, our sales representatives were able to build up an extensive network of potential partners and customers. This will also make it much easier to find the desired contacts in other countries for future expansion drives.

  • Maintain communication with sourced contacts from the pipeline and plan future collaborations.

  • Research new target countries and expand our clients network to new markets.